About Us

Péter Föld
Project Manager, Producer
Peter has worked for several companies in post-production, broadcast, and advertising. During these years he directed viral videos for the web, while also introduced new ideas to the workflow of explainer video productions.

“I like to fix things. And fixing things should start before they go wrong! ‘Measure twice, cut once!’ is my motto. No surprise, in my freetime, I am a handyman.”

Levente Szűcs
Lead Animator
Levente comes from a fine art background, although he has been in animation for over a decade. He is a painter and a teacher of fine arts. In animaion he started out as a flash animator and now he is a master of a number of digital tools.

“I like dogs.”

József Sándor
Animation advisor
Jozsef comes with a traditional animation background. He has worked for large studios and even more in freelance. He knows what makes animation work. Over the years he has specialized on character animation, and cartoon compositing while he seeks new techiques to make the best of.

“Hey where is Jocó? He is probably working. The thing is that my job is my hobby, so if it’s about animation I’m all focused and tend to spend almost too much time with it. Well….almost.”

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