Our Design Processes


We are traditional in the way we start off our projects. The freedom that the pencil gives to an artist is essential to make to best of any idea.

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How production works – an insight to our Production Questionnaire

When a commercial video production starts, the first key step for any producer is to find out about the client’s needs. Some clients have an accurately defined idea about their future video, some like to leave it up to the professionals for the most part. In both cases, our production questionnaire helps the communication of this process.

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Freelancers or production companies?


Creating videos is a profession, not rocket science. When a job needs to be done, you might think that all you only need is a single talent who can deal with it, from top to bottom, and deliver a crisp and fresh piece of art. But how much of good luck does it take to find someone like that?

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The creative scene in Budapest

bpsmallSo romantic, and yet contemperary.

Hungary has a historical presence in the world of Animation. Starting with George Pal’s successes in the interwar era, followed by the rise of the national Pannónia Film Studio strarting in the 50’s, and the world success of Jankovics Marcell’s animated feature films in the 80’s. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the genie was out of the bottle, and Studio Varga has made success to introduce a huge team of talents to the international market. Even when the economic crises has caused severe drawbacks to filmmaking, animation, and related industries like post-production, or video game productions had a chance to develop in the heart of Hungary, the city of Budapest.

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Storytelling on the web

VHSOnce I heard a story about a filmmaker who went upset by realizing that VHS distribution enables people to skip parts of his film. He considered terminating his career. This has happened half a lifetime ago. How nostalgic it feels now to think about all the respect we had to handle the tapes with, not to make them wear out too soon by berserk rewinding. How upset the receptionist at the library would get when you dared not to rewind them before bringing them back.

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