Freelancers or production companies?


Creating videos is a profession, not rocket science. When a job needs to be done, you might think that all you only need is a single talent who can deal with it, from top to bottom, and deliver a crisp and fresh piece of art. But how much of good luck does it take to find someone like that? Your needs must fit the skillset and experience of this artist, who happens to be a scriptwriter, illustrator, animator, video technician, video marketer, and a project manager at the same time. I’m not sure how this person would feel about his job if he existed.

Freelance often does not work very well for the same reasons as DIY. Being a bit tech-savvy, for sure you can learn to do it yourself, and try to save money. However, it’s likely to end up spending so much time trying hard, that it sets you back in developing your business or ideas. Even so-called professionals make such mistakes, and get lost in the mazes of project management or communication. Recent softwares make video creation seem easy, even animated videos, but it is in any case time consuming. Provisioning a production schedule is tough, only experience helps. Only lots of experience helps. We advise to try making animated videos at home only with professional supervision… it’s highly addictive too.

But what about freelance? Of course there is a chance that you’ll find an experienced freelancer whose style fits in. They are available for hire in huge numbers on many online platforms. But in the other hand, companies can have great advantage in the industrial headhunting, since many of them have dedicated personell to find the best talents. Of course, some artists just prefer to do what they want, and avoid daytime jobs. So it does makes sense too look for freelancers, but in this case saving money should not be your motivation. A freelancer who does the perfect job, deserves to get payed and they also know that.

Video marketing is becoming a complicated system of several almost totally different fields of experties. Web design, SEO, social media, animation, film effects, interactive design are all potentially a part of the desired skillset for a successful campaign. Some freelancers might have the knowledge, or network to be able to help you with such extra, but essential needs, however the truth is that this kind of work needs manpower, especially when it comes to adapting to new technologies. And that happens a lot today.

One of the most attractive fact about freelancers is the lack of camouflage behind which companies tend to hide, their shiny brands, expensive homapages and corporate policies. Many freelancers live for what they do, and that is the very reason that they walk their own ways. Their portfolios often reflect on their professionalism with a personal feel.

Speaking of ideals, however, a business should be collaboration between people who share interest, and exchange skills and talent by contributions. Simply by performance, individuals are not likely to beat teams. They might do, we have seen that happening throughout history. Finding the right team might be just as tough as finding a good freelancer, and if you search on both terms, you are more likely to have good results.


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