How production works – an insight to our Production Questionnaire

When a commercial video production starts, the first key step for any producer is to find out about the client’s needs. Some clients have an accurately defined idea about their future video, some like to leave it up to the professionals for the most part. In both cases, our production questionnaire helps the communication of this process.

Our questionnaire has been set up with experience. It is a 4 page long fill out form, with 10 questions. The questions focus on aspects such as the purpose of the video, the style of it, target audiences, and formats.

The following is a part of the form:

Innovative solutions are one of the most frequent topics in explainer videos, but also many videos are made to help corporate communication, or to tell information to customers about long-standing services or products . It is critical to understand who will actually view the video, so there is also space in the questionnaire to describe the target audiences.

Style related questions are also key elements of the questionnaire. There are clients or companies that own a distinguishable, unique visual identity, and so it is important to decide if and how the video needs to align with their brand. Taste is important too, nobody knows their business better than the clients themselves, so in case there is a clear idea of the video’s look, using this idea can help engagement with the client’s existing audiences. For those instances, when there is uncertainty, the questionnaire contains questions with given options as seen above.

The production questionnaire is also meant to help production consultations, and so filling it can also be a part of a consultation. It is advisable for clients who have not been through any video production before, or for those with very special needs.

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