Our Mission

Once we had been youngsters amazed by the technology that makes things like drawings and puppets come alive on the screens of our local theaters. As we grew up, and became professionals, dedicating much of our lifetimes to bringing this amazement to others, we constantly have to remind ourselves of this very experience.
Video has become such an organic part of our modern world, that most of us barely realise just how wonderful the fact is, that we are able to animate, in other words, give life to our thoughts by visual arts. Through our creations, we invite you to be children, to use this form of communication fluently.

Our advanced computer based technologies are game changing tools in this mission. However, the purpose of animation remains unchanged. Blending the art of visual storytelling with the message makes a profound effect on the message itself. It comes alive, just like the dots, lines, pixels and colours of our videos.

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