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Why work with us?

We can deliver you the best artwork, for an affordable and reasonable price. Think of our company as rickshaw driver who can take you from point A to B crossing all traffic jams. We live for what we do. Unlike many in the industry, we are not outsorcing our projects, we do the labour ourselves. We are tech-savvy animation experts and artists with the sufficient experience, that includes efficient project management, and thorough knowledge of the global market.


Animated explainer videos


We create high quality custom explainer videos of all kinds. Production is all inclusive, from research to scriptwriting, and from illustration to animation. Please see our FAQ section for questions or scroll down to the Pricing section to find out more!

Animation services

We create animation in any format, style, type, length, colour, etc. Let us know about your needs!

Illustration or Graphic Design

Naturally, we create still illustrations as well! Contact us to discuss your project!


We are happy to share our experiences and knowledge. We believe that they should not be kept as a secret, but discussed and spread. Especially when someone is in need. Oh yes, it’s for free. No kidding!


Our explainer video prices are defined by

  • + category of quality (detail level of illustration and animation)
  • + length
  • + production timeframe (under 5 weeks or less, a production is considered express)
  • + extras (3d animation, special vocieovers, variations for intros, endings, subtitles etc.)

Pricing is all-inclusive, from script writing to audio, including revisions, so we can tailor the video to your needs. In case you already have a script, storyboard, or even illustrations ready, of course the price will be less.

Productions start from as low as 700 USD.


In case you have special requests, please do not hesitate us to request a free quote, or a consultation at [email protected]!

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